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The particularity of taijutsu lies in the philosophy that supports the training. It does not consist simply in the study of several techniques, but rather in the true learning of the art of combat. The ultimate goal of the training is self-responsibility which means that even if certain obstacles of everyday life are inevitable, every person is responsible for his actions in relation to such events.  Learning to become a better person allows to live in harmony with those that surround you.

In ninjutsu, it is patience that allows protecting the body and mind.  Indeed, it is by studying and practicing on oneself, in oneself and with oneself, while pursuing a relevant spiritual quest, that every detail, be it physical or psychological, is meticulously polished with no restraint.  Only the practice in every moment paralleled with a deep introspection allows acquiring the patience that in turn allows protecting the mind and body.

It belongs to each practionner to define the foundation of his practice by remaining open to everything, good or bad, that could help him in his practice.  He must learn to distinguish truth from vanity and the serious from the ridicule. 

As for the foundation of the practice, it remains the secret of the one that dedicates himself wholly to it.*

* From Kacem Zoughari's book : "L'ombre de la lumière"

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