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Budo Montréal offers a program adapted to the needs of each individual. The basic curriculum is complete and structured while maintaining flexibility.  This allows each student to evolve at the pace they desire based on the energy dedicated to their training.  Similarly, each person must decide the depth of their training. It is therefore possible to learn self-defence techniques and strategies that can be used by the student after their first class to defend against various types of assaults, whether they are physical, mental or emotional. It is also possible to explore in-depth the teachings inherent to true martial arts in the traditional sense of the term.  As opposed to other schools, the teachings at Budo Montréal are not focused on any kind of sport competition.  The classes are taught in a friendly and safe environment.

The teachings of Budo Montréal are based on taijutsu.  Translated literally, « tai » and « jutsu » mean respectively « body » and « technique ».  Taijutsu is therefore a « body technique» which is an ancient means of body displacement in total freedom allowing the person to adapt efficiently to all situations. Taijutsu has its roots in the natural movement present in each one of us. The taijutsu taught at Budo Montréal is based on Hatsumi Masaaki’s teachings, soke (keeper of the tradition, grand master or head of family depending on the translation) of several ryuha (traditional schools) and founder of the Bujinkan.  It is  possible to learn at Budo Montreal how to use or defend against various types of modern and traditional weapons.  The taijutsu taught by soke Hatsumi is in fact a form of ninjutsu, actually the art of the ninja.   Additionally, it is important to note that ninjutsu (the art of the ninjas) is an elitist art that can only be learned and practiced after having mastered certain basic teachings. Far from the satires of the ninjas often publicized by the media, Budo Montréal tries to respect the tradition by providing the teachings in the most genuine way possible.

Stéphane Meunier is the founder and master instructor of Budo Montréal.  He has more than 30 years of experience in martial arts. After having practiced seriously other arts, he began to study taijutsu in the 80s and now has the rank of shihan (master instructor or model depending on the translation) of the Bujinkan.  Driven by a desire to constantly perfect his art, Stéphane Meunier pursues regularly his training in Japan and Europe.  Despite his extensive experience, Stéphane Meunier remains primarily a student who wishes to perfect himself in this art through his practice.  Stéphane Meunier is also naturotherapist, massage therapist specialized in shiatsu (natural Japanese massage technique), a reflexologist and a phytotherapist.

Several students of Stéphane Meunier have been granted high ranks within the Bujinkan through the years.  The informal setting in which the teaching is provided encourages beginners to discuss and train with more advanced students at any time which allows everybody to evolve in the right path while increasing the leaning opportunities for all.

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